Kings Way Early Childhood Center

Kings Way Early Childhood Center has three big classrooms well lit rooms. Large outdoor play area. We are open Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM  year round. Offering full and part time day programs and Summer camp. We always have an open door policy for parents. No registration fee .Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack included. We accept government assistance vouchers.

The experience’s your child gets now will impact their entire life. King’s Way Early Childhood Center provides ideal learning opportunities for your child’s development. Highly trained teachers nurture each child to reach developmental milestones while ensuring they become confident, have a strong basis for future school success. Creative highly education environment in which children discover the excitement of learning, developing good study habits, growing self-esteem and self-confidence. Developing sensitivity and respect for the rights and abilities of others. Learn to accept responsibility and meet personal challenges.

Flexible scheduling and daily rates available.                                        

* Enable the child to interact with peers and adults during play and teacher directed educational activities.

* Provide early reading readiness and writing (Alphabet letters, sounds)

* Creativity (story time, dramatic play).

* Music and dance program.

* Potty training.

*After school program.

* Cultivate a basis for understanding mathematics.

*Hands on learing.

* Social awareness.

*Foster good physical and personal habits.

* Awaken an appreciation of music, nature, art, poetry, and dance.

*Nurture the joy of learning.         

*Self confidence.